Wirab Cardfight Consulting (WCC) is a group of competitive trading card game players from around the world. We mainly focus on Cardfight!! Vanguard, Weiss Schwarz, and a touch of Future Card Buddyfight.

Before our team formed, we were just a bunch of individual players from around the world. As time passed, we found other like minded players in our local regions; soon forming small teams and taking on our local competition. However, as our horizons grew to the world stage, it was inevitable that we all ended up in the same place and under one single banner: To take on the world championships and win it all.

But the journey does not end there…

As players ourselves, we realise the importance of our local communities and how important it is to keep our game fun and enjoyable. As the game evolves, it is imperative that the game stays sustainable and healthy. We aim to produce content that will interest new players, and engage others with perspectives and thoughts from competitively successful players to deepen their view on the game.

We have started producing Cardfight!! Vanguard content on our WCC YouTube channel and we aim to produce more for the games that we play. There’s more in the works, so make sure to check back when you can!